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Want to start tuning your rear suspension for improved handling?

Start all tuning and adjustments with a check of your Race Sag!


Rear Suspension Race Sage is definitely the most important single adjustment affecting your bikes handling traits.  Check this crucial adjustment monthly to insure it remains at your favorite setting.  Race Sag is a measurement of how much the rear suspension sags under the riders weight compared to no weight on the bike.


         The First measurement is taken with the bike on a center stand with the rear wheel hanging freely in the air.  Measure the distance between the rear axle and some convenient point near the fender like a seat bolt.


         The Second measurement is taken with the bike on the ground and the rider standing straight up on the foot pegs supporting himself against a wall or tree.  Again, me asure the distance between the same two points used above.  (Standing increases the repeatability of this measurement.


         The Race Sag is the difference between the First and Second measurement.

                   FIRST                              24

                --    SECOND     -- 20        

                =    RACE SAG     4

    4 is a good starting point for most 125  thru 500cc MX Bikes


         To change the sag, use a long punch and a large hammer to loosen the spring locking nut on the shock.  Then turn the preload nut to adjust rear spring preload.  Note: Increasing spring preload will decrease Race Sag and vice versa.


One more hint.


         Changing the Race Sage to 3 will raise the rear end making the bike turn sharper and reduce bottoming.  Conversely changing the Sag to 4 will lower the rear and increase high speed stability.


Rick Johnson

Too Tech Racing

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