The following Set Up Instructions are supplied with every Revalve performed at Too Tech Suspension. The adjustment concepts are the same regardless of who worked on your suspension. If your bike does not respond to changes suggested in this article, the internal valving needs to be changed to suit your requirements and expectations. I enjoy working with tough situations so feel free to give me a call.

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SET-UP INSTRUCTIONS (For Twin Chamber Showa & KYB)  

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SET-UP INSTRUCTIONS (For Twin Chamber Showa & KYB)  

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If you are printing this "set up sheet" and do not have any starting point for adjustments, I suggest you use something close to the following BOLD base line settings shown below:

STEP 1: Measure suspension "Race Sag".           (Most important adjustment there is)

First: Put the bike on a center stand and release the accumulated air from the front forks.

Second: Put an ink mark on your fender and measure the distance between the Rear Axle and the Mark on your fender.

Third: Take the bike off the stand and position it on level ground, stand on the foot pegs and support yourself against

some wall; then measure the distance between the Rear Axle and the ink Mark on your fender.

Forth: The difference between these two measurements should be adjusted to__4__ inches.

        - To change your Race Sag, turn the large adjusting nuts on your shock using a long screwdriver and big hammer.


STEP 1a: Balance front end and rear end static ride height.

If the rear end squats under acceleration along with too much front-end lift, and/or the bike doesn't want to turn sharp enough or easily enough, tighten your preload by adjusting your rear sag to __3 3/4_ inches.

If the front end rides low, turns too sharp, and/or tends to Head Shake at high speed, try a combination of lowering the front forks in the triple clamps and loosen your rear sag to __4 1/4_inches.


Compression: (Hex Nut on Reservoir (Hi Speed)) __3__ turns "out" from full hard. Shock Spring Rate _(what ever it is)____

Compression: (Screwdriver Slot on Reservoir) __12__ clicks "out" from full hard.

Rebound: (Screwdriver Slot at bottom of shock) __13__ clicks "out" from full hard. Adjust between _10_ and _16_ clicks.

Oil: Torco RSF Lite. Nitrogen pressure 155 psi.



Compression (Screwdriver Slot at top) _12_ clicks "out" from full hard. Fork Spring Rate _(what ever it is)__ Preload _____

Rebound (Screwdriver Slot at bottom) _14_ clicks "out" from full hard. Adjust between _11_ and _17_ clicks.

Oil: Maxima _5wt_ cartridge oil or Spectro _85/150_ cartridge oil. Adjusted _13 oz_ inches from top.